About me

I'm a web developer and consultant. I help people create web apps (= web sites). From idea to getting traction to improving existing ideas. I've started projects from inception to prototype development to launch to marketing.

Need web development support?

I am available for projects in the Cologne (Germany) area (short periods outside Cologne are also possible) or remote work. Check my agency page »Oliver Adria’s Holistic Development Agency« for more details.

Summary of what I do. Or »tl;dr« (too long; didn't read)

Skills: My focus is on custom web applications and deployment (i.e. from beginning to »going live«) using PHP (and lately especially Symfony or Laravel based projects).

Projects: I've worked as part of technical teams (e.g. developing APIs for existing platforms), but have also worked as a single developer for different clients, taking care of all the technical stuff involved in web development.

I've also built my own projects - from website development to marketing to billing - that make decent revenue. So even though my focus is technical development, I know it's not the only thing and that it takes more than technical expertise to make a project successful ;-).

What's important: My focus is on stable, long-term development.

Background / some context: Currently 34 years old, I grew up in Indonesia, went to the German school there. At age 13 (mid 90s) I started my own websites and even taught an HTML class just before graduating school :-).

I moved to Germany after school, got a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, as a student worked 2 years as a programmer in a robotics lab and a few years in various companies / roles (e.g. renewable energy research, IT administration, EU project funding coordinator). Worked 7 years in a strategic sustainability consultancy. Decided 4 years ago to do my hobby / part-time work of web development into full-time work. Currently 75% of my time is on client projects (freelance basis), 25% working on my own platforms.


Full stack web development

It's important to know how things fit together, such as how database design might have an effect on search engine optimization later down the road or how to move the website and data safely once it needs to scale. That's why I take a holistic view on development.

For most of my projects and prototypes I like to use the newest versions of stable software (e.g. I was using PHP7 on my own platforms a few months after its release and upgraded a client project to Symfony 3.1 a week after that version left the development phase and was declared as "stable"). This ensures that the security of the software is up-to-date as possible, and new, useful features can be safely used.

I experiment with new tools and software to keep up-to-date with web development, but refrain from using experimental software on »live«, production systems, unless there's a good reason for it - such as a new feature that isn't implemented well yet in other systems.

Web Development skill set

Online Marketing skill set


As of end of 2016, I am involved in 4-5 projects in parallel, but they are currently still under development, so I can't disclose them here yet. Here are some of the projects I've worked on:


(2012 - now)

Developed and operating a niche jobboard platform based on Laravel 4 (later updated to 5), MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap. The administration pages uses Angular JS 1.
The website includes a job listing, events calendar, and an online magazine.

It is one of the leading German jobboards in the sustainability and environmental sector. The newsletter now reaches over 13.000 subscribers weekly and regularly has an open rate of over 40%.

SEO-wise it regularly ranks in the top 3 in Google (Germany) for keywords like "ngo jobs", "csr jobs" or "non profit jobs".
NachhaltigeJobs Website



Developed parts of the backend and API functions using Symfony 2 and MySQL.
Timecall Website

Laravel Cologne Meetup

(2015 - now)

I currently organize the Laravel Cologne Meetups.
Meetup #1: July 2015 in cooperation with SensioLabs Germany
Meetup #2: June 2016 in Startplatz Coworking Space
Meetup #3: Planned for end of 2016

Laravel Cologne on Meetup.com

Online Marketing - Introduction Workshop

Speaker at 3 hour online marketing workshop for beginners (June 2016)


(2016 - now)

Cologne.io is the online platform for digital jobs, events & news in the Cologne, Germany area. It uses the same platform as NachhaltigeJobs.

Analytics Toolbox

(2016 - now)

Development of a Toolbox for Google Analytics using Symfony 3.
Analytics Toolbox: URL-Builder