June 28, 2016 · Coding PHP

Be Cool in PhpStorm

Notes from the talk at Laravel Cologne Meetup #2

Using PhpStorm I like to customize the IDE to suit my needs better. Some things feel a bit weird in the beginning, but with a bit of practice, you will find that they improve the workflow, sometimes considerably. This post is heavily inspired by Laracasts' Be Awesome in PHPStorm.

Remove file tabs

Yes, this might be a huge change to what you are used to and possibly you have 5 or more open tabs most of the time, but once you combine this with some of the short cuts, it will be a big time-saver and you'll have less stress finding files. Really! How to turn off file tabs

Window -> Editor Tabs -> Tabs Placement -> None

Remove Toolbar

I don't really use the toolbar anymore, most of the stuff is (much) faster to do with the keyboard - and your IDE looks less cluttered.

Window -> Editor Tabs -> Tabs Placement -> None


There are many places to find themes, but to get a quick overview, you can check out http://daylerees.github.io/, who has authored several Laravel tutorial books on Leanpub.

Short cuts

These have already been changed, I can't really remember the original ones, and they're also different between Windows, Mac and Linux. So: Just change it to what YOU feel comfortable. For me, it was a scary step to move away from what was the default (I was worried I was going to wreck other short cuts which I might need in the future), but you usually work with a few dozen short cuts. So customize these to what YOU feel comfortable with.

To change them, just go to Settings and look for Keymap. If you want to figure out what a particular short cut does, you can enter the short cut by clicking on the symbol next to the trash can here

and it will show you the corresponding action.

Function Shortcut Notes
Recent files Ctrl + E One of my most used short cuts
Search files Alt + Q If you didn't use the file recently
Settings Alt + S Bit simpler than the default Ctrl + Alt + S
Reformat Code Ctrl + Alt + C The default Ctrl + Alt + L locks my screen on Ubuntu
Go to line Ctrl + G
File Structure Ctrl + Shift + S
Search Action / Option Ctrl + Alt + A
Navigate Ctrl + Shift + S
Delete Line Ctrl + Y
Duplicate Line Ctrl + D
Add Select for Next Occurence Alt + J
Extend Selection Alt + W

"PhpStorm Kata"

Coming soon!

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